About Yolanda Badillo’s Offerings

Rev. Dr. Yolanda BadilloYolanda is a highly sensitive spiritual healer who works with the natural elements of nature and highly vibrational cosmic energies to help harmonize your mind, body and spirit.  She has served as a healer for over forty years and utilizes a wide range of holistic modalities to help you with reaching your goal of balanced health. 

Yolanda has been gifted by spirit with a new form of healing that is multidimensional. It can be used in-person and long distance. Because this modality is uniquely her own, she has not yet given it a name but has found that this healing energy compliments all the other modalities that she is aligned with. 

Throughout her years of disciplined study, research and development, Yolanda has come to understand that one modality is not enough. People vibrate at different ‘frequencies,’ and each person is unique unto themselves. As layers of dis-ease unfold and harmonize, new alignments are reached, which may require new energetic adjustments and possibly a different modality to reach homeostasis. 

We are all energy and Yolanda possesses a unique ability to intuitively tune into the needs of each client.  Once tuned in, she dedicates the necessary time and attention needed to activate and bring into alignment, those parts of your body that require a shift to allow you to heal, harmonize, energize and restore balance throughout your entire energetic field. 

Passionate about the work that she does, Yolanda provides exceptional care. She honors each person who has been guided to her.  She is eternally grateful for each person who has entrusted her with their care and warmly welcomes each opportunity she receives to work with each person who comes to her.  

Yolanda is here to help you with removing any obstacles in your body so that you can unpack your gift of balanced health and energetic well being, which is your birthright.


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