About Yolanda

Rev. Dr. Yolanda BadilloWelcome to Integrative Healing. I am a multi-dimensional spiritual healer. My gift is to harmonize mind, body, and spirit through the use of a wide range of natural, holistic, and energetic modalities.

A Gift of Healing Energy
In addition to utilizing learned modalities to help you reach your goals of balance and health, I have been gifted by spirit with a new form of healing that is multidimensional, which can be used in person and long distance. Because this modality is uniquely my own, I have not yet given it a name but have found that this healing energy compliments all the other modalities that I do. I found along my educational journey of the learned modalities that one modality is not enough. I feel people are at different ‘frequencies.’ They are unique unto themselves so there cannot be just one modality for each individual’s needs. As layers of dis-ease unfold and dissolve in the course of using energy healing, a new homeostasis reveals itself that creates a new-found balance unique to each individual. My clients report greater health and energy as a result of my energy healing sessions. I am, and always will be, eternally grateful for receiving this gift.

A Plan for Your Optimal Health
Balancing all aspects of Oneself provides a synergistic whole, rooted in love, joy and creativity. This balance is obtainable to all, for it is within ourselves. You’ll find that layers within must be cleared and balanced, one after another, in order to reveal your shining diamond within. Have you made a personal commitment to your health? If so, you may surely reach the harmony that is meant to exist between mind, body, and spirit. My goal is to assist individuals in finding this harmonious balance within, and discover the fullness of life that is one’s right to live.

I look forward to working together as you continue to deepen your journey towards your optimal expression of YOU!


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