2016 Fee Schedule

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Nutritional Consulting
90 minute Initial Consultation: $175
60 minute subsequent session: $150
3 month program: $690 (this is a $230 savings when paid in full in advance)

Spirit Guided Healing – Absentee Energy Balancing
As this is a widely varying approach please email me to discuss your needs.

NES Health
Scan and ER MiHealth session: $150
30 minute MiHealth session: $65
45 minute MiHealth session: $80
60 minute MiHealth session: $125
Infoceuticals: $30 each
Skype sessions available

Reconnection Healing and Personal Reconnections
Reconection Healing session: $150
Personal Reconnections: $333.00 – includes two 60 minute sessions on two consecutive days.

90 minute Initial Consultation: $175
60 minute subsequent session: $150
Personalized Formulas (Magistrals):
$25 – 1oz. bottle
$30 – 2oz. bottle

Kofutu™ Sessions & Classes
Individual single script: $75
Class: $375/person

BodyTalk and PaRama™
BodyTalk Individual session: $150
PaRama Individual session: $150

Astrology Reports
Astrology Reports: $35.00 each

Numerology Reports
Personal Numerology: $50

EMF™ Sessions I – IV
EMF Balancing Technique® Session: $150

Crystal, Tuning Fork, Chime, and Pendulum Therapy
Individual session: $110

Signature Cell™ Healing
Individual session: $150
Long distance session available

Sound Healing
Individual session: $150

Matrix Energetics™
Individual session: $150

The Board of Knowledge
Three Long Distance Sessions: $100

Atlantean Healing Chambers™
Session: $444

Biological Terrain Analysis™
Analysis: $300

Pachikuti Mesa Shaman Sessions
Sliding Scale: $175.00 – $250.00