Astrology Reports

Each of these reports is designed to stand individually; however, when read in combination they provide different perspectives on your natal chart that give a fuller and richer picture of your opportunities to grow as themes reveal themselves weaving throughout the reports. Buy an individual report(s) that is the highest priority in your life, or add them to your collection over time to give yourself the deepest insights into your life experiences and how to become the amazing person you are meant to be.

Life Path Report

The Life Path Report offers a unique blending of the psychological, spiritual, and material plane potentials found in each individual horoscope. This report gives all the planets in sign, planets in house and major aspects interpretations. North node interpretations by sign and house position, retrograde planets and elemental emphasis make this a well-rounded report. Included is a special section devoted to house ruler ships which add yet another level of understanding to the overall picture. This is a wonderfully comprehensive and insightful report.

Solar Return Report

This report calculates the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart on or around your birthday and marks the principal events for the upcoming year. The objective of this report, which you can get every year at your birthday, is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze the year’s prospects and to learn from them using your free will.

Lunar Return Report

The Lunar Return happens every 28 days and 13 times a year. These interpretations provide insights into possible events in a descriptive and comprehensive way while giving suggestions on how to deal with the positive as well as negative planetary aspects. The objective of this report is to offer a practical guide that helps analyze the month’s perspective.

Life Awakening Report

This report is designed to affirm your oneness with God and to help you dissolve any blockages to your ultimate awareness. Special attention will be paid to removing any such influences which may be lingering from your prenatal and birth experiences, so that you can then live from the purity of your conception.

Revelation Report

This report is the implementation of the knowledge that you are the Creator of your life. YOU determine the level of functioning of your chart and the degree of happiness and success in your life. When you function on this level, your life takes on a richness of dimension it has not had before. You take the responsibility for creating your life the way you would like it to be. You see the planets as those gifts and talents you have chosen to express in this lifetime. You fulfill your limitless potential because you see what CAN be, rather than what cannot. The chart then becomes a guide, rather than the source of your happiness or unhappiness. It becomes a reflection of your own spiritual evolution. REVELATION: THE NEW ASTROLOGY is designed to assist you in that evolution. It is about love and appreciation of the God within, the acknowledgment of the Truth of who you are and, as a result, the beautiful expression of that Truth.

Karmic Insight Report

This in-depth report gives the reader an esoteric point of view and a look into the soul’s intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime, qualities to develop, problems to be resolved, and service to be rendered based on reverberations from past lifetimes. This report is written to help you clarify your lessons and goals, illuminate your struggles, and encourage you to move in the direction of your true purposes.

Vertex and Personal Destiny Report

The Vertex Report helps you understand how a larger sense of purpose and destiny works in your life. We sometimes feel that there is a destiny or definite purpose to our lives that sometimes lies before us regardless of what actions we take. There is a momentum or force that pushes us forward and the force is bigger than we are. Astrologers who analyze the point in the chart known as the Vertex have found that the Vertex describes the situations in which we find our destiny unfolding before us. The Vertex has a particularly important effect on our personal relationships because very often the magnetism that brings us together with others we are close to involves a dynamic that is larger than our personal interests. The Vertex Report helps you understand how a larger sense of purpose and destiny works in your life. Destiny does not imply that there is no free will. We do choose our path in life, but very often it is much wiser to choose a path that follows the ocean current rather than one that is at cross purposes to it. In working with the prevailing forces we still have many choices on the finer details of how we express ourselves and the circumstances that we create within the context of these strong forces. This report can help you navigate your way in life by seeing how the Vertex describes a force of destiny in your life.

Hidden Messages Report

This report describes subconscious issues that can affect your attitude towards life, and in particular how your relationship with your parents can be affecting your personality. We are all looking for unconditional love, yet we are programmed to duplicate our parents’ relationship. How can we attract what we are not programmed to receive? We can’t—until we take a conscious look at what we are programmed to attract. Only then can we change our lives.

World Peace Report

This report is based on a positive vision of world peace and the belief that each individual has the potential within to make a significant contribution to world peace. The basis of inner peace is self-esteem and self-knowledge, and when enough individuals are self-aware, they will act in accordance with natural laws to promote harmony around them and the result will be world peace. This report is designed to draw your attention to your potential, your unique opportunities for expressing it, and your ability to bring about harmony around you.

Flower Essence and Gem Report

This beautifully written report analyzes patterns of imbalance found in the natal chart and offers very unique alternatives to traditional medicine. The report includes ill-health tendencies of the person and provides specific tools, which can improve health of the entire being by offering suggestions for the emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Flower essences, gems, music, aromatherapy and color therapy are among the healing tools that are mentioned in the report.

Child Report

This report is written specifically for parents of children, and it focuses on issues that parents are concerned about for their children: the needs, talents, potential problems, health, relationship to parents, the school environment, etc. While this report gives guidance to parents to get to know their children as they grow up, it is equally as beneficial to read as adult children to provide insight and clarity.

Nature Appreciation Report

Most astrological reports focus on us as individuals, but each one of us is part of our communities, and the world. While we strive for success and happiness, what effect are we having on our natural environment? This report focuses on what you can do to be a better world citizen, and more specifically what you can do to nourish and protect our planet, and leave the earth a more beautiful place than when you entered it.

Environment Therapy Report

Environment Therapy refers to the ways in which different geographic regions affect our attitudes and behaviors and even our physical health, and how we can use this information to enhance our well-being and health. For example, some of us feel rejuvenated at the beach or we feel more alive, enthusiastic, and energetic in certain cities, or we feel a need to periodically hike mountain trails. This report provides an astrological analysis of what you are likely to experience in the cities and towns that you want to visit or live.

Personal Security Report

This report offers readers a chance to analyze the environment around them based on their birth information and promotes awareness of crime and possible solutions for avoiding it by giving attention to breaking the pattern of karmic situations in which people find themselves victimized. The purpose of this report is to provide you with information that you can use to help protect yourself (or your child) from crime, based on your astrological chart.

Monthly Fitness and Lifestyle Report

This monthly report is designed to help you face the biggest challenge to your health and diet – your emotional state. When your emotions are out of control, your body follows your lead. It is a “LONG TERM” procedure for people interested in taking charge and control of their lives, and understanding the underlying cause of diet and exercise breakdowns. By understanding the monthly influences imposed upon them, they can work with them and avoid the pitfalls placed in their path.

Business Forecast Report

This forecast report gives future trends for people engaged in running a business or making business decisions by interprets transiting-to-natal aspects that strongly affect one’s business pursuits. This report is great for anyone considering starting a business or already has an existing business.

Best Places Report

This report does something amazingly simple and powerful: it tells you which towns and cities are best for the areas of your life that you are most interested in. Instead of looking at an AstroMap or running an astrological analysis for particular cities, the Best Places Report simply tells you what the best places are for each of the following 10 categories: Friendship and Family; Detailed Friendship and Family; Love and Romance; Vocation and Career; Optimism and Opportunity; Education and Communication; Culture and Creativity; Responsibility and Focus; Imagination and Inspiration; and Excitement and Instability.

In this report you can select four of the following regions of the world: Canada and Greenland; United States; Mexico and Central America; South America; Europe; Russia and countries bordering on the West and South; Middle East and SW Asia; Africa; India and bordering countries; China and Mongolia; SE Asia and Guam; Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands.

Relocation Information Report

This report describes the astrological influences that are in effect in any location (you can choose up to three cities in the world). We recommend selecting cities that are at least about 100 miles (150 kilometers) apart because the astrological analysis of locations that are too close to each other will be very similar. Locations that are at least several hundred miles apart will usually have some significantly different astrological influences. Please note that it is important to have a very accurate birth time to get an accurate result.

Cities and Town Report

Are you thinking about moving and you are wondering how you will like the new location? Or perhaps you are deciding on a place to vacation. Select up to 20 cities or towns anywhere in the world, and this report will provide a brief description of what you can expect in those locations.


Personal Numerology reports are also available.