Atlantean Healing Chambers™

While results of this work may be spontaneous for some remember that we are all individuals each unique within ourselves. For some old habits may come back only for your knowledge to let go permanently. Sometimes habits feel safe and it makes it harder to let go and go forth to the unknown. Some may let go of so much that they may feel lost for up to a month being scared of the lightness and the release of all that no longer served them. Only to realize that they were holding on to so much that was not working for them.

Finding your balance and purpose for your life is a lifting of your viels so that you can become the person you came here to do. As your souls energy comes through your daily life.The alignment that occurs is a strong balancing on many levels. Sometimes you may find the need to do more than one session as you get closer to your own truth. The Atlantean Healing ChamberTM is a powerful sacred tool of Divine Reconnection. You have taken steps to remember, to heal ,to honor yourself bringing in more clarity and integrity to yourself. AvesaTM balancing sessions are suggested to be done before the chamber.

It takes two days to do the session as well as their are instructions that need to be followed. You must refrain from all interaction with direct electronic currents. This applies to television. computers,mp3s, and cell phones. So you have to make the time for three days to do this work. No canned food or meat to be eaten during the three days. Consider very light foods as a source of nutrition. This allows you not to have any uneccesary static in your field. It also incorporates powerful Sound Therapy and Crystal Healing. This advanced technique opens an inter-dimensional portal where energy and intention flow more powerfully than in the physical dimension. The chamber itself accesses a 7th dimensional portal, and thus will connect the client more consciously to their Authentic Soul energy. This co-creative collaboration involves the healer, client and the non-physical guides who have agreed to support the process.The energy of the session continues for about 14 days after the session was done.