Sound Healing

It is known that sound can be used to relax, harmonize and promote physical and spiritual healing. The Bosdysonic Relaxation System BR-2 is an innovative new tool that converts soothing low frequency (below 150 herz) musical sound waves to vibrations that are effective in relaxing the spirit and body. The deeply soothing sounds are administered topically to various parts of the body as vibrations while at the same time the sounds are experienced as music in the ear. These energy waves stimulate harmonic resonance activities and promote the body’s natural healing powers.

The relaxing and healing effect the music has on the spirit is amplified by combining it with the relaxing effect of  sound on the body making deep relaxation possible even in a brief treatment period. This greatly reduces tress and promotes healing.

Energy moves in the form of waves consisting of vibration occurring at different frequencies. Each of our organs resonates at a particular frequency. When the organs are out of balance, the frequencies at which they operate are no longer in harmony with each other. Using an orchestra as a metaphor, when the various instruments are not playing in harmony with one another, discordant sound is produced. In the human body when the organs resonate out of harmony,  the result is disease. The goal of Therapeutic Vibration Treatment is to achieve and maintain harmony in the body and spirit is.

A fundamental tenant in eastern medicine and mystical teachings is the concept of energy fields surrounding and permeating the our human bodies/ In india this energy is refereded to as Prana, in China chi and in Kaballah it is reffed to as nefish. While western medicine does not subscribe to this theory, Einstein’s theory of relativity posits that energy and matter are interchangeable; validating what has been believed in the East for millenniums.

Dr. MItch Gaynor- As a cancer specialist who has made music integral part of my practice I have repeatedly used the power of sound and voice as an instrument to assist in the healing and transformation of many of my patients. . In fact, as a physician I can say I have never discovered a more powerful healing modality than sound and music. Sounds of healing as a bridge to reconnect us with the subtle harmony that is at the core of every soul.

Music is conducted through air and water in the form of vibrations. Healing Vibration is a tool that changes the sounds of musical melodies and rhythms into waves that can be felt with the body. Deeply soothing low frequency sounds (less than 150 Hz) are conducted to the body as vibrations while the same sounds are experienced as music by the ear. The cause of most illnesses is stress. In order to provide healing for the illnesses we face today, it has become essential that we not rely solely on Western medicine, but rather avail ourselves of a perfect blend of Eastern medicine, musical therapy, aromatherapy, and psychological counseling in a holistic approach. We recommend the use of Healing Vibration and music as powerful tools for holistic healing.

The music we use for Healing Vibration has been specifically created for this purpose. From C to B, each note is made to correspond with the positions of the 7 chakras located in our bodies. With Healing Vibration, musical sound waves enter the body through each chakra and energy center. These vibrations stimulate the A10 nervous system of the cerebral cortex. This stimulation of the A10 nervous system by Healing Vibration activates the body’s natural self-healing abilities, and with the body and mind balanced and in harmony, can lead to a state of homeostasis, or true health. Healing Vibration is a revolutionary tool for use in the field of holistic medicine.

1. The effect of Healing Music on brain wave topography. Even within the dominant αwaves, there are α1waves (8-9 Hz) and α2 waves (9-12 Hz). According to this data, apparently these express the state of relaxation. Even deeper relaxation leads to the level of θwaves (4-8 Hz).

2. The effect of Healing Music on the functioning of the autonomous nerve system (MV). MV (microvibration) is an objective method of evaluating the function of the autonomous nerve system that is commonly used in both neurology and holistic medicine. When θwaves are dominant, this indicates the state called the fight or flight response and is characterized by perspiration, dilation of pupils, and muscle tension. Based on MV evaluation, it is possible to observe that Healing Music is able to return the brain waves of a person experiencing the fight or flight response to normal α wave patterns, and lead to a state of relaxation.