Crystal, Tuning Fork, Chime, Egyptian Healing Rods, and Pendulum Therapy

Crystal healing is an alternative technique in which crystals and other stones are used to balance ailments, chakras and dis-ease in the body. This is an energetic system that helps create balance in many dimensions. Pendulums are used in my sessions along with chimes and/or tuning forks. These tools makes this crystal session unique and it combines different frequencies together creating a multi-dimensional experience so you can call it a crystal sound healing session.

The pendulums assist in healing as well and ensuring that white light is instilled in the person. These specific pendulums and sound therapy tools are to enhance and deepen the session. Proponents of this technique believe that crystals act as conduits for healing; allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as imbalanced energy, dis-ease-causing energy flows out. I select the stones by their colour or their metaphysical properties and will place them on different parts of the body. Stones can be placed at the feet or held in the hands of the person. Crystal wands are also placed near the receiver’s body to direct energy as well or bridge a frequency as well as extract energy that is no longer needed from the person.

The colour selection and placement is based on what spirit guides me to do as well as using the energetic properties of each type of crystal or stone. This helps are person feel grounded, clear the chakras, and create energy grid patterns to facilitate the person for clarity and strength. Specific music can be used along with essential oils. As well as the use of BioGenesis tools and Egyptian Healing Rods these sessions are unique to each individual.

This is an alternative system to assist the individual find peace within and is another way to work with oneself.