When we chose Kofutu™ Healing, we can be addressing many different areas of life. We do this via the symbols used in Kofutu and you are a copartner in this transformation. That is because most often we are releasing unwanted energy patterns in life that, once removed, clears the path for regeneration of body, mind, spirit and even the material world around you. So it is not surprising that we can even use Kofutu on all living things such as animals and plants!

Kofutu™ is done in person or as an absent healing. It is wonderful to witness the Spiritual growth and deeper understanding of oneself through this process.

You may wish to receive a Kofutu™ healing or to learn Kofutu™. If you are interested in learning about the classroom and home study courses they are available here www.kofutu.com.

So that you understand better what I do, and what you can do once you learn Kofuto: understand that Kofutu healing is similar to Reiki but the hand placement is a little different and you must be doing or thinking strings of symbols for each objective.

Absent healing scripts are addressed level by level and become more intense as more information is given/received for deeper healings and more scripts are added.

In person, in the spiritual higher levels we are working with are aura healing chains. These are done over the course of a month of intensive healings.

For more on this please contact me as it is very involved.