What are Holograms?

Holograms are 3D images that have been projected and captured on a 2D surface. You can find holograms on your ID cards, credit cards and software packaging. Holograms have the ability to represent vast amounts of information. Your hologram is a blueprint of who you are in the holographic field.

What can NuVision do?

NuVision can be used to analyze the hologram of the body.  With this analysis we are able to see what information is affecting your body. NuVision is a “matching” tool using Scalin technology. NuVision can “match” or find coherence with the most relative remedies, solutions, ideas, statements, affirmations, etc. Imagine muscle testing 50,000 items on one person in 1 minute! That’s the power behind Scalin technology.

How does the technology work?

NuVision accesses the hologram of a person and shows just where and what is out of balance. It finds valuable information about the link to a current symptom and finds the right approach to clear and reset energetic patterns in the holographic field that may be causing blockages to their health and well-being.