Quantum Resonance Crystal Light Sound Bed

The Crystal Bed melds science an spirit in gentle and effective ways.

What Makes This Energetic System Unique? It is a unifying system that not only helps FEEL better, but also creates lasting change within your body, mind, and Soul.

It has Soothing yet energetic to the body low voltage Dc not Ac, Unimpeded flow of energy, Color light Therapy that is programmable, Pulsing crystal therapy through lights and magnetics the crystal are charged, Orgone crystal holders using scalar wave and Binaural beats. What is an example of Scalar energy? Noise cancelling headphones are a great infrence example. They are cancelling out a frequency by sending out the exact opposite waveform. The leftover energy is considered scalar. ​In order to go really deep into the body and work with the quantum field, you need SCALAR energy.


  • relaxes through vibration therapy
  • helps autoimmune disorders
  • creates positive DNA expression
  • works with cellular intelligence
  • rebuilds the subtle bodies
  • ​reduction of inflammatory markers
  • non-invasive and safe
  • suitable for all ages
  • helps sinus & migraine issues
  • clears acne and skin blemishes via UV and deep red LED’s
  • fine line and wrinkles
  • homeostasis of the inner and outer field of the body
  • better sleep through binaural beats and chakra balancing
  • brain balance
  • detoxifies
  • balances Ph levels
  • plus many more benefits


  • Royal Rife type frequencies
  • Vogel type Quartz Crystals delivering the best energy transmission
  • UV LED’s that continually cleanse the crystals and impart stimulating UV light into the mix of energies
  • Deep red and Far red super bright led’s to enhance skin stimulation (optional)
  • Gentle and effective magnetic fields pulse the crystals, delivering energy that the cells can read and use
  • Orgone that is mixed with rare crystals, essential oils and love. All designed to support the Vogel Crystals
  • 7 types of energy transmission to address all types of people and conditions
  • Full color LED’s pulsing the Volgel Crystals- relaxing the client. Over 15 types of color packages to choose from!
  • Vibrating massage table designed to entrain, sooth and relax
  • Professional Over-Ear Headphones (with bluetooth and noise cancelling option)
  • FIIO high definition music player ensures that all music files are delivered in the best quality.
  • 40+ custom made sound files keeps boredom at bay and clients coming back for more.
  • Any size crystal holders allows you to interchange crystals (18mm-26mm for standard and oversize TBD)
  • Durable design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Hand made in the USA


  • Soothing yet energetic to the body (Low voltage DC not harmful AC)
  • Unimpeded flow of energy (Vogel crystals held in middle not top)
  • Royal Rife (Scalar waves at user defined frequencies )
  • Vibrational therapy (Two sound transducers under the message table )
  • Color light therapy that’s programmable! (Color changing LED’s surround crystals)
  • Pulsing crystal therapy (through lights and magnetics the crystals are pulsed and charged)
  • 40+ custom made sound files using scalar wave and binaural beats
  • Orgone crystal holders (scalar wave generator and collector)
  • Portability
  • Flexibility


Science has shown us that cellular response to UV light is greater than any other waveform of light. When used in a responsible and appropriate way, UV light can increase the response of cellular change and stimulate clearing inside the cell. We have developed a responsible and beautiful way to integrate UV light into the system that informs the cells and allows change at a fundamental level. Furthermore, when UV light is pulsed at frequencies tuned to cellular de-differation, the RNA, DNA, cellular makeup responses in kind. In other words, the body likes and responses to UV light in special ways.
Studies have been made that show the type of UV  light that is used in the Crystal Bed actually reversecellular damage as well as a host of other benefits.


There is a natural synergistic effect that takes place with crystalline structures and living things (think vogel crystals and people). This “synergy” happens with intention and specific forms of energy and works in a higher dimensional field that is quantum- greater than what we understand. Because the crystals work in a higher dimensional field with whoever is on the bed, they always get just the right amount of energy and information!