Reconnections are wonderful! Using light bandwidth and frequencies. As above, so below. It reconnects us to the universe and ourselves and the reality of its existence has been proven in scientific labs. Medical Doctors are using The Reconnection.

How often have you heard people say they don’t feel connected to time as we know it or that they feel out of sync? The weather patterns are changing and children are developing differently? And every now and then you go through what feels like a period of having to readjust to some schedule you can’t see? And just when you feel you’ve got it, here comes a new wave of energy? Your body isn’t doing what your brain wants or visa versa? You may even have a disease you feel isn’t connected to you. In a word, you just don’t feel *connected* to world or universe. If this is the case, the reconnection process is a must for you. Bringing harmony and clarity to you like nothing you’ve experienced before. This is one side of the Reconnection.

Reconnection also offers your whole self up to you. You are unfolding and into who you are. And by so doing, you simply move forward and you do so with all your most wonderful attributes and inner light. That in itself is a gift.