Pachikuti Mesa Shaman Sessions

I have been doing this work consciously and unconsciously since I was a child. It became active in the 80’s for me I never questioned the practice that was coming through me. I just went on with it knowing that it was the thing to do. So in my quest to seek the truth I went through all these other systems listed in the site to find out what I was doing only further integrating more knowledge through my soul.

As I ventured on I went back to the original process that I was doing and I went to Dr. Villoldos class to see what I could learn. He comes up to me and says, “why are you here it’s already in your blood .. I can not teach you anything” and signed my book. What I witnessed for half of the day was that I was already doing the work; it was the same exact process I was doing years before. So I said, ‘thats what its called.’

Then I went to further to learn Andean Shamanism by knowledge being absorbed through books and then floods of memories started coming through. For I have seen and witness my life in Peru as a shaman with my guide many times and had it confirmed by several people.

As I continued to read I found a man called Alex Stark and he is an amazing Shaman using cross cultural information. Being in his space and with his peers was another awakening of old knowledge within my soul. I have come full circle in my path, so it seems, and the work I am able to make available to many has made me wise in the laws of nature. As cleints call for assistance I see what the problem is before they even finish thier stories.

All that I have done has honed the gifts that God has given me and made me the person I am suppose to become. A child of the Sun within the Universe. The work entails different processes and different forms of doing the work. It has become a work of art in many ways, for freedom to be able to access a person, and being able to assist them to become what they are suppose to be, is an amazing gift use through God with their communication of becoming who they are meant to be. I find the work to be very enriching and enlightening for both myself and the client. To be able to Love them unconditonally and to watch them love themselves is an enormous message to Humanity for this is what Andean Shamanism is all about. A grand service of Love.