Spirit Guided Healings

As I go further in my path of healing and assisting others I have been given a modality through spirit for a very deep energetic healing process that is long distance. I also am incorporating this in my practice. With all this being said I am able to monitor and assist my clients in a much deeper level and can help them grow and move quicker in their process of Health, Mind, Body and Spirit. These should be done for a minimum of two weeks. They are done daily as I check in with you on an absentee basis.

Spirit quite unexpectedly has shown me a way to connect with you so that a deeper healing can take place. No one thing happens that I can describe to you as this process varies not only with each individual, but with each healing day. For instance lets say our journey began because you are experiencing headaches. I may see this information as either a mental, emotional or physical one. Your spirit may ask me to tell you something that you’re not consciously aware of that is blocking you. The translations are endless and most often surprising. Some days your higher self “spirit” may just require energy balancing. These healings are very profound and deep. YET, the key to this is your own participation as the information I receive is fed back to you and its ultimately your higher self and conscious self acceptance or preparedness to accomplish what we set out to do. During these sessions I also find myself maneuvering energy in the body as I see it. However, back to the point of your participating, I have been asked to do this on some and when attempted to do so, been rejected by their higher self. When this happens there is no judgment, but I tell the person and often another modality is used.