The Board of Knowledge

The Board of Knowledge was created to give the Greatest Love and the Greatest Energy Unit of Oneness. It supports everyone to reach Total Spiritual Enlightenment. It brings greater awareness of what we are moving toward and the Purpose of Everything in Life. It truly is the Highest Spiritual Tool for Enlightenment!

Channie expressed it as follows:

“There is an Ancient Knowledge called The Board of Knowledge. This unique Knowledge gives an opportunity to open up people, so that they Spiritually can evolve and grow, in the exact right direction for that individual. The Board of Knowledge works individually for everyone, because we are all unique and every person has their individual gift in life. By these Steps of Opening, one can grow stronger and blossom in the best way. Everyone has their own steps in growing. This Board of Knowledge is something that is used everywhere in the Universe among Extraterrestrials, Angels and Light Beings. It can be worked with, over and over, and every time it helps the individual to grow and expand towards what is best for them and the direction that would lead them furthest in Spiritual Total Enlightenment. Even the already Enlightened, like Masters and Archangels, etc., benefit from continuous use of The Board of Knowledge.”

The Board of Knowledge is one of the oldest and probably the most efficient way, to help everyone and everything that lives, in their spiritual growth. Channie C.C. West brought this information towards Earth, when we as humanity were ready for it.

The person who works with The Board of Knowledge is the “Giver” and usually the Opening Steps are given, back and forth, between Higher beings in the Universe. Usually they do not upgrade themselves, but, instead, they need a humble Carrier of this Knowledge to open them up. This amazing Knowledge can also open up animals and nature, as a group, or individually. Even planets can be opened up to lead them in the right way in their growth.

This Knowledge can never be used in the wrong way and no one ever outgrows it. So the request of Opening Steps for someone else, other than yourself, is also appropriate and beneficial for that person who isn’t aware of receiving. These Openings always lead a person onto the best direction and the highest path and Spiritual understanding that is unique for just that person.

The Knowledge of The Board of Knowledge is not found in any worldly known books and does not involve reading. Instead, specific Holy Signs are sent to the “Receiver” who then harmonizes with the Sign and moves forward on their Spiritual path, no matter what heights the person, so far, has reached.

Every one of the Opening Steps of The Board of Knowledge leads us closer to Enlightenment and harmony within Holy Bliss. The Board of Knowledge can be given to anyone, without exception.

When the Board of Knowledge is given to someone, it seeks that individual’s specific possibilities to be a happy and harmonic person in a spiritually more opened life. It doesn’t matter what kind of spiritual interest the person has that you are working with. Even if such things exist at all. The person will develop what is best for them. So we should not come with suggestions or telling about certain directions to form their spirituality. Because every person is unique and they have a unique way that they should go in spirituality. The Board of Knowledge can be given to everyone and everything and reaches always everyone and everything.

It is important to understand that Board of Knowledge is not healing. Even if it sometimes can be showing itself like a healing in a person with a painful life. The Board of Knowledge leads people right after their own believes, possibilities and so on.

It also helps people who are knowing exactly which way they should go in spirituality. So they will have it easier to walk that path. Within  different kinds of spiritual work, you usually ask your client,if you can work with them. When it comes to the Board of Knowledge you don’t need this. The Boards are working on levels that we cannot understand. The Board of Knowledge Force goes where it should be and change and adapt itself for that specific person who receives it. If the Board of Knowledge is sent too early for the spiritual change to happen, then the Signs will wait for the perfect moment in that person’s life.

The Board of Knowledge includes 5 Boards and they come from a very very old temple in the Universe. Each Board has 36 Signs, with a frequency of before everything was created. Even before the Beyond was created. The Signs open us up and guide us forward to our own unique enlightenment. They have the unique quality to never influence someone and lead in an imposed direction.