Long Distance Healing Gift

My son was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his hip at the age of 25. He chose to place it in God’s hands. I contacted Yolanda and she began the process of trying to rid his body of the cancer. She worked long distance with him daily for a little more than a year.
At the end of this time I asked him to go to an oncologist and be tested. He was so fearful of hearing bad news that he procrastinated. Finally, a couple of months ago he had a battery of tests and he is clear. No trace of this terrible bone cancer can be found.
God and Yolanda joined hands for us to witness a miracle. We will forever be most grateful to Yolanda and the sharing of her gift with my son.

J..H, New Jersey

Sound Healing

I experienced my first ever sound healing with Yolanda. As it was my first time trying this modality I was not sure what to expect. My digestion had been off and I was experiencing a strange taste in my mouth for a few days. The joint in my foot was swollen and my toe was not bending that great. Since the sound healing I noticed the odd taste in my mouth is completely gone and I can bend my toe even more. Its really amazing. I highly recommend a sound healing for whatever issue you are having.

Trish, New York


Yolanda being my good friend and like-minded person is the only one that came to mind to call when my three year old had an extremely high fever for a few days in a row. I usually try not to bother her with petty life moments, but after my pediatrician gave me Nurophen to give to my son, and it did not work for 24 hours, I called Yolanda. She has this wonderful ability to find out what the problem is within the body and how the body wants to be treated. She explained to me that it was a virus and not a flu and that she will work on him distantly. Within a few hours the fever calmed. In a few days my son started to get better, without antibiotics, he was running and back to normal. It still amazes me how our traditional medicine is so lacking in knowledge and is completely useless when something serious comes along.

Veronica, St.Petersburg, Russia

Fear of Flying

My husband has been afraid of flying as long as I have known him. His mother says it has been that way since he was 17. He cannot explain this fear and he cannot seem to control it. Two to three weeks before a flight, he cannot sleep, and is all nervous and edgy. When he is flying he sweats, especially his palms. It is like he has water coming out from his hands. My family lives on different continents and I (we) tend to do a lot of flying just to get a glimpse of each other.

When I asked Yolanda to work with him, a lot of the tension of flying has been explained and cleared up. There were a lot of spiritual issues that he needed to deal with. Yolanda was able to translate to him what his higher self needed to tell him. He needed to acknowledge what happened in the past and free his interpretation of current reality so he can be calm. Thanks to Yolanda’s unique ability to communicate with the body using Body Talk and Parama and some pendulum work to connect to his inner self, my husband is more in control of his fear of flying.

Veronica, St.Petersburg, Russia

Overall Health

I have been feeling badly for quite a few years. And,could not really point a finger on it and all of the usual tests that doctors prescribed showed normal results. Still I could not do anything about constantly being tired and sleepy and having little or no strength to really enjoy living. After Yolanda told me about the great Blood and Biological Terrain Analysis that she mastered, I was curious to know how it was different from all the other medical analysis that I already went through. The procedure was quite educational and mind boggling. The results showed me exactly what I was feeling and why. Leading a healthy lifestyle, I did not think that I was so unhealthy inside. After the analysis, Yolanda prescribed for me the vitamins and other additives that would help me in cleaning up my system and making my blood healthy again. This was done in Dec 2008. After taking all the assigned, we checked the blood again in March 2009. I was amazed at the results that occurred in only two months. This only motivated me to continue taking my many pills and tablets to achieve greater health. Thank you Yolanda again for your alternative mind set and approach to overall health of a human being.

Veronica, St.Petersburg, Russia

Overall Health

I have known Dr Yolanda for over 15 years and her knowledge of the body is amazing. She has countlessly helped me and my family with issues ranging from skin issues to cancer.  I highly recommend you check out her services if you are interested in balancing and the health of your body.

Elaine C, New York

Long Distance for Pets

Yolanda has been invaluable in the treatment for my dog. He was diagnosed with blood cancer and was told he had 6 months left. As soon as I called her with the news, she immediately discussed options with me as to how we could proceed further.

Yolanda did long distance healing to clear my dog and she gave him homeopathic medicine as well to take daily. In addition, she consulted with several other doctors to see how they could help too and got them involved. I could not believe the incredible dedication and sense of comfort she provided.

After a few months of Yolanda’s help the blood test results came back negative.
The cancer was gone! Yolanda is not only gifted in what she does, but she genuinely wants to help and is concerned about the well-being of her clients.

I.L., New York


While writing this I came up with a funny phrase for you:
Yolanda Badillo – the perfect one stop shop for balanced living.

Yolanda is a healer in every sense of the word. I am very grateful for the work that she does and for the wonderful person that she is. She is not only incredibly gifted and knowledgeable, but she genuinely cares and wants to help others. I have gotten to know Yolanda over these past few years through the various healing modalities that she has used on me.

When I first came to Yolanda, she did Energy Work and used Body Talk for the anxiety and constant fatigue. I still remember the first time I came in for a session. I laid down on a table and she started hovering her hands over my body (‘scanning’ as she calls it) and I could feel the energy from her. It was pleasant and then as she continued on with the session I could feel movements inside as if she was literally pulling things out. When she was finished, as I stood up, I couldn’t believe how much lighter and better I felt.

After this initial cleansing, Yolanda worked on me regularly and soon enough I was beginning to feel much calmer as she balanced all my energies. She has also helped me through Long Distance Healing during my many travels. I usually call her and tell what the problem is for her to work on it, which is oftentimes my knee pain due to torn cartilage.

One time, while overseas I had cut my hand pretty badly and had gone on all day saying to myself that I have to call Yolanda. When I finally did, she already knew what I was calling about! She heard me when I was thinking to myself! That injury healed quickly with minimal pain and most importantly, no infection.

Most recently, Yolanda has conducted a Biological Analysis on me and used various homeopathic remedies. My blood that was checked a few weeks ago looked significantly different than just a short two months back. I continue working with her to get better because I have seen her many abilities and also appreciate the friendship that has resulted.

I highly recommend Yolanda for anyone that desires to get better physically or spiritually or emotionally.

I.L., New York

Distance Healing

Playing tennis with my husband, I almost fell after pulling my muscle and/or ligament during the game. Talking to doctors about the injury I was told that it would take at least a few weeks to heal, and that tennis is out of the questions for a month. Thats when I decided to contact Yolanda.

Since I live in St.Petersburg, Russia, the only way I can contact my good friend and healer, Yolanda Badillo, is through e-mails. I verbaly let her know where it hurts and that I urgently need her assistance. Within a day, I stopped limping and felt that I can walk straight, and that I had very little unpleasant feelings left in that strained muscle. A few days later I forgot that I had any injury, and started to play tennis again. I am in constant amazement and graditude to Yolanda Badillo. Thank you again.

Veronica, St. Petersburg, Russia

Energy Healing, Homeopathy, Sclerology

Yolanda is a powerful healer with outstanding shamanic abilities. She has done energy work on me and I could feel every single cell in my body moving and shifting I knew something major was happening. Yolanda recently made me a homeopathic remedy and immediately I could feel it working. I have taken homeopathics before but have never felt these effects. Yolanda is remarkable.

Akyiaa Azula, Orlando, FL
Acupuncture Physician and Medical Intuitive

Cancer and Distance Healing

My experience with Distance Healing came in the form of my husband’s diagnosis of colon cancer. At the time of his surgery for the colon cancer, it was discovered that the cancer had metastasized to the liver.

After his return home from the hospital. I contacted Yolanda for advice and information about distance healing. She performed many “visits” to my husband, and in so doing was able to heal the residual pain and discomfort he had from his surgery.

My husband is a very private, stoic person and seemed to not be dealing with the emotional side effects of his disease. Yolanda’s intense connection during these healings enabled her to reach him on a spiritual level, which in turn helped to guide me in my approach to his emotional needs. Yolanda helped to free up his internal issues regarding this overwhelming diagnosis, and enabled him to open up and express himself to me in ways he never had before. She explained to me that, through this experience, he had become a different person. Her enlightenment of me has helped greatly in dealing with the cancer.

Aside from the healing, Yolanda was able to track the healing process of his disease throughout his treatments with both chemotherapy and alternative therapies. When I reported his status to her, she was able to provide dietary advice to promote his healing and better digestion and nutritional assimilation. This was invaluable in offsetting the side effects of his conventional chemo treatments.

Distance healing was a new concept for me, but I would truly endorse it for anyone who is seeking a deeper level of healing. Yolanda’s talents are remarkable, and she is truly a sensitive caring healer. With her knowledge of nutrition, homeopathy and energy work, she is able to see a disease from all aspects, and better equipped to pull together a total healing protocol for the patient.

B. Heck, Pennsylvania

Distance Healing

Hello Yolanda! I am in complete awe of what you have done for Sugar and me! You are such an amazing, gifted, wonderful, kind, and generous person-I absolutely can not put it into words how thankful I am to you!

I want to thank you – how amazing it was to have you heal my foot-and really me as well-I flew down [to FL] with crutches-when we were on the plane I said to the girls- oh I can tell Yolanda is working on me- my foot would have this pain- not a normal pain but more like a warmth and energy pain-and then suddenly all the pain in my foot would just dissipate. As soon as we got there I put the crutches down and never used them again- i was able to ride a bike-I was able to run up the beach and save a mother and son frolicking in the waves from an approaching shark- and the amazing thing was you could always tell what was happening with me- after the shark episode my foot really hurt and you healed it- when I had food poisoning you cleared it up in my lower abdomen-that blew us all away-because we got that email in Seaside! …

My husband … is so in awe of your work! and- he wants to know if you could help him as well? .. I also want to send you a thank you card-with some pictures of all of us-especially sugar! Oh- I also got the wings of genesis for Sugar-and have been using that with her bottled water. I am going to get the amplifier and the pyramid that the web site suggested be used in conjunction with it-what an amazing product-it is so beautiful! Thank you for telling me about that!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I just can’t thank you enough for sharing your gift with us-we are truly blessed to have found you! Yolanda you are wonderful!!!!

Mary, Illinois


I am writing this for anyone currently suffering from this disease. If you have, or have had this disease only you know how extremely painful it can be.

With me, the pain was so intense I wondered how I would make it from my bed to my supplements and homeopathic remedies. The trip seemed to be an enormous and excruciating task. I spent my days and nights in tears and agony as I held on to my lower back and pelvic region for dear life. It was as if I were being crushed and twisted inside. As soon as my pain let up for one minute I would go into deep sleep because my body was so over wracked with pain that as soon as the intensity let up I would go down for the count. Only to be awakened with by the pain all over again.

Being a homeopath myself I could NOT believe that there were no remedies to be found that wouldn’t even alleviate the pain just a little. Even the remedies that were a perfect match had absolutely no effect whatsoever. After having spoken to many women who had been there, there were was only one piece of advice they could all offer me. Get a hysterectomy! Just do it, and do it now, and don’t even try anything else because there is nothing else. This is what they all said across the board and I was beginning to believe them UNTIL I contacted Yolanda.

When I contacted Yolanda via the phone I asked her to help me, to do anything she could for me. She said she would do some Kofutu and energy work for me sometime in the next 24 hours. She wasn’t sure when because of her busy schedule but would certainly try. This was to be a distance healing. Because this pain comes on so suddenly and aggressively I had learned to do everything that needed doing in my home and with my animals in advance, just in case I couldn’t move later. That was the case the night Yolanda did the healing. I was preparing to walk my dog and attempted to go from one room to the next when I was suddenly over powered by this sensation that would not allow me to walk a straight line. So when I reached the bedroom I had to lay down. I laid there for 10 minutes knowing somehow that this was alright and that Yolanda must be working on me. I just knew. After about 10 minutes had gone by I stood up, felt fine, felt terrific in fact, and walked my dog.

I have been pain free for over 9 months! And not only that, but the monthly cramps I used to get me entire life are also diminished that they are bearable and I no longer need ANY pain relief remedies of Ibuprofen for them. It is important that you know I had no one to help me during this time. Absolutely nobody. So along with the pain I had, was the worry that my animals would not be taken care of. Even if I had gone for the hysterectomy, who would take care of my animals? Not to mention my business? Yolanda gave me back my health and my freedom! One never knows how well they are until they aren’t well at all. Every night when I walk my dog I think of Yolanda and bless her! She has also joined my business as a consultant.

Lita Radford, D.A. Hom, Queens

Body Talk and Matrix Energetics

Dear Yolanda:
I can never thank you enough for taking care of a pain that nobody new what is was. It is gone since our session; I believe truly on your gifted hands, in a second I felt like I never had this pain.
I recommend your session to everybody who is looking for a way to solve health problems in a normal and natural way.
Bless you and bless what you are doing to all of us.

Love, Fouaida, New York


“Yolanda Badillo has been a friend to our family for 30 years. During the past 10 years we have been using remedies prescribed by Yolanda and made by her as well. Both my family and I have benefited from the effects of her remedies. I can comfortably say that the response has been outstanding. We feel better using her remedies and would recommend her to anyone.

I. Rivas-Nieves, New Jersey


Yolanda Badillo has a wonderful disposition and knows how to relate to children. My 11 year old use to take the school bus each morning with her son last year and he would constantly get stomach ailments. She had prepared a homeopathic remedy for him to take everyday for about a two-week duration. Now a year later he rarely has stomach problems. Beside, my son made a new friend in her and he loves to speak and challenges Yolanda on a daily basis.

For sometime I (a 49 year old women with two young children) have been experiencing a slight difficulty with my audibility. When I was younger, I had numerous head colds and hay fever for three seasons out of the year; thus, these ailments left quite a bit of scarring in my ears. Yolanda gave me homeopathic pellets, which helped unclog my ears on several occasions and improved my hearing. Believe me I notice the difference. Yolanda recommends healthy food for my family & myself and also shows you how to cook these into healthy tasty meals. A great friend and counselor to have in your life.

L. Wong-deJesus, New York

Integrative Healing

Yolanda and I have been working for a number of years together. She is a very dedicated and extremely perceptive homeopath, nutritionist, and energy healer. Her directness and sharp intuition helps me to see the bigger picture behind my healing which focuses me to take further responsibility for my growth. Her compassion has even assisted me to begin healing my relationship with my mom. When one is willing to change and is receptive to her insight, Yolanda can be instrumental in helping one shift forward by quantum leaps.

Peace – M. Broder, Brooklyn

Nutrition and Counseling

I am so grateful to Yolanda for all her help and wisdom. She is truly a wealth of knowledge on almost all healing topics available today. With her assistance I was able to break my addiction to bread and carbs. I lost weight and am feeling much better.

L. Stone, New York

Colon & Liver Cancer

Where do I begin? I was introduced to Yolanda a few months ago by a friend who’s recommendation I value highly. My husband, Glenn, was diagnosed with colon cancer and secondary liver cancer the beginning of January of this year. He and I decided to try to combat his cancer with an alternative approach, long distance healing and homeopathic remedies. He and I have been to 4 major cancer hospitals and the chemotherapy regimen was the same. No alternatives or choices were offered. Before Glenn began long distance healing with Yolanda h e had considerable lower back pain, pain in his lower abdomen, minimal appetite and a number of other symptoms. At this point, two months after working with Yolanda, Glenn has no back pain, only occasional groin pain and his appetite has returned. He feels great and has plenty of energy.

He has an appointment this week for a colonoscopy as all of his bowel symptoms are gone. That will confirm the condition of his colon.

Yolanda contacts us regularly with information about how Glenn is feeling and what areas he is directing energy. For both of us, this has been such an incredible journey guided by Yolanda. She is amazingly patient. Answering our questions and guiding Glenn with compassion and love. We both treasure her extraordinary healing and her friendship.

J.H., New Jersey

Long Distance Healing

Yolanda, after 3 rounds of antibiotics and months of a cough, my cousin Carol
called you about my lack of energy. Within 20 min I called Carol and proclaimed
keep it coming. I had more energy than I had in the past 3 months. I still had
the cough, but the change in energy was instantaneous. Thanks so much.

Russ, Brooklyn


Dear Yolanda, Many thanks again, for your Remedy Formula at the time I greatly needed it in regards to my healing process. The Remedy worked well, for my growth processes in deciding my next healing strategy. In summary the Remedy gave me the confident and convictions which lead to my quick recovery!

Sincerely, J. Biet, New York

Integrative Healing

I have known Yolanda personally and professionally for more than a decade. She was an angel for me, at a time when I truly needed one, and has continued to bless my life with her friendship, and healing. One night, at dinner, my arm was throbbing with inflammation from an old surgical procedure, that had once saved my livelihood, but now had outgrown its original purpose. I was scheduled again for surgery in a few weeks, and as if to portend the coming changes, my arm had suddenly mastered the language of pain. Yolanda noticed this, and gently waved her hand over my arm, never touching, except with presence and grace. I took this simple act of love for granted. About 10 minutes later, I saw that the inflammation was gone, and I remarked jokingly, that she would put my surgery off, and in so doing, my first “real vacation” from work in 2 years! I have since had my surgery, with outstanding results, and I write these words simply to say that Yolanda is indeed, a healer who walks in love and compassion.

T. Loh, PT, New York

Personal Reconnection & Session

Let me start off by stating directly that the Reconnection Therapy I received from Yolanda has changed the way I view and live my life. The second statement is that I am essentially skeptical of any actions and/or events that are not directly explained as part of what most of us perceive as the “regular” universe. Yolanda has been my friend for many years now, and in that time she has opened my eyes to a wider understanding of our reality; however, I still look at the world as ongoing cause and effects of the, mostly, Newtonian or mundane universe.

However, my skepticism notwithstanding, Yolanda assisted me in reconnecting to a different self, maybe a “higher” one, but in any case, a more peaceful one. For all of my previous life, I had been driven by an underlying anger. Conventional psychotherapy had allowed me to identify some of the sources of the anger, but had not been useful in assisting me to move past the anger.

Yolanda, using the Reconnection Therapy process, provided a means for that anger to dissipate, disappear, vanish from my life. After the sessions with Yolanda, I found myself strangely at odds with the world; I was having trouble understanding my place in and my perspectives of the everyday events of my life. It took a couple of days, but I soon realized that the difference was I was no longer angry; the anger had gone away.

Losing my anger has provided a new way of living, a more productive means of being. Thanks to Yolanda’s application of Reconnection Therapy, I have been enabled to move on and find new ways of enjoying life.

P. Bowan, New York

Body Talk System

I’ve been working with Yolanda Badillo for several months now, and I can feel a noticeable difference, using the Body Talk System. It does feel as if the layers of my blocks are being removed much like the layers of an onion were being pealed away.
I look forward to continuing this work with Yolanda, and I highly recommend this system if you need to heal deep rooted blocks.


Distance Healing

It is with great pleasure and admiration that I am writing this testimonial to the highly adept talents and skills of Ms. Yolanda Badillo.

I have known Yolanda for over a period of a year as a friend. The more that I have learned about Yolanda, the more impressed I am of her. I am astounded at her level of massive wealth of holistic healings.

I recently become ill with fever, chills, coughing and a headache – nothing out of the ordinary. However, the fever, even when thought to have “broken,” chills, coughing, headaches continued on for a period of five (5) straight days. On the fifth day (Sunday), by 3:00 pm, I started to notice a rash had appeared. Although it wasn’t itchy or painful, by the end of the day, it had spread throughout my entire body – from neck down to the feet.

Even in this day and age, where a hospital is supposedly open 24 hours/7 days a week, my primary physician, whose office is located within a major hospital complex, was not open on the weekends and therefore there was no one that I could go see on a Sunday. The answering service couldn’t even refer me to another physician. I had to wait until the next day, Monday morning to call to make an appointment with the doctor. It was suggested by my sister to contact Yolanda.

After my first telephone call with Yolanda, she began to work on me. While I still did not feel well, I noticed that the fevers and chills had ceased. The headaches were still there but the intensity had lessened to the point that it was not excruciating, merely annoying.

On Monday, I went to the doctor; all he could tell me was that it wasn’t chicken pox but some kind of viral infection. What type of virus, he didn’t know. A blood sample and throat culture were taken. I had to wait two (2) days for the results. I went home feeling that, while I was relieved that it was not chicken pox, it was quite a disappointment to be sent home still in the unknown.

By Monday night, I noticed that the rash has slowly but surely begun to fade away. When I had the chance to check my e-mails, there was a message from Yolanda, she had continued to work on me on this day. I have absolutely no doubt that this was the reason that the rash had started to disappear.

By Tuesday, ninety (90) percent of the rash was completely gone. No more headaches and Tuesday night was the first night in seven (7) days that I actually got more than two (2) hours of solid sleep.

By Wednesday, the call with the blood tests and throat culture results came in. I was informed that my tests were all normal. That I had some kind of virus. That was it, nothing more could be done for me. By this Wednesday night, the rash has ninety-nine (99) percent gone and I look for to what will be a good night’s sleep.

I absolutely feel that my speedy recovery can be solely attributed to the talents and skills of Yolanda. Should I ever become sick again, I will no doubt contact Yolanda. I absolutely and wholeheartedly have no problems referring people to Yolanda. In fact, before this “sickness” incident, I had just recommended a fellow co-worker to contact Yolanda. Yolanda’s work on me proved soundly that I did the right thing when I strongly suggested to my co-worker to contact Yolanda.

With great admiration and respect,

Douglas Chu, Brooklyn

Energy Healing

Yolanda Badillio’s energy work assisted by her extensive knowledge of many different modalities, ie; Body Talk System, Reconnection Therapy, EMF, to name a few, is the only energy worker I have worked with to successfully remove deep seated blocks and finally allow the healing process to occur. I highly recommend working with Yolanda Badillio, she has helped me in ways that no one else could.

Carol, New York

Body Talk System

Last October I attended a BodyTalk Access course and enjoyed the work but got turned off to the system because I didn’t make a very good connection with the instructor. This past June I had a session with Yolanda and I was so impressed with her and the session, I decided to audit the Access course when it became available to me. This time, I had a great experience with the instructor and I decided to take Modules 1&2. Now I am working towards my certification and have my sights on taking Modules 3 and 6 this Fall. I am very excited about BodyTalk and its potential, and feel that my session with Yolanda was critical in helping me see the value in it. If I hadn’t had that session, I may not have given BodyTalk a second glance, at least, not for a very long time.

I also recently started school full-time and have had difficulty focusing there. The environment is chaotic, stuffy, and laden with fluorescent lighting. This past week I had a remote session with Yolanda and within hours I felt a significant shift in my energy. Because of the session, I was able to go to school the next day and be comfortable and open for the first time. That has had a powerful impact on my ability to interact with others, learn, and thrive.

B. Sampson, Vancouver, Canada


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